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    Long-term supplier of  high-en
    high-grade materials

    Mira treasure for your application project
    Tailored silicone and plastic
    Plastic product solutions

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    Mira Bao won the trust of many international brands


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    We produce a variety of unique products processed



    Mira treasure six major advantage for you to provide practical support

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    Mira 14 years of quality service treasure


    Lian ming metal and plastic factory was founded in 2000, is located in the world garden city - Shenzhen china, strategic location, convenient transportation. It's one of the diversified manufactures integrated the design, development, production , sales. The factory has owns many years manufacturing experience and has a group of professional technicians and managing staffs. Mainly specialized in producing the plastic……

    360The degree of understanding of Mira treasure


    Mira treasure products in large quantities exported to Europe and the big brands and have a long experience of cooperation; funded companies, large-scale plants, well-equipped, high degree of automation

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    • 2014-09-26

      Home silicone kitche...

      Modern kitchens are all revealed a simple, stylish taste. Many kitchens have some colorful things, or is the tool / kitchen, but many questions came o...

    • 2014-09-26

      Refrigerator fresh p...

      Preservation sealed bags with soft silicone insurance edible grade silicone production, silicone seal storage bags, can be used to classify equipment ...

    Mira treasure has elite team, for your needs, to provide customers with a professional point of view the best solution to ensure the lowest cost, highest cost.

    If you have any questions, we will consult with your ad hoc expert.


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